Bathrooms: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

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When it comes to Kenyan interior decorating most bathrooms are not given much attention. Most of bathrooms are small, have little light coming in through an opaque window high up on the wall and are definitely not stylish. However, this does not need to be the case. You can add color to the 4177e5ca893a1f62ec42dbfeee9fdacabathroom and bring in style without spending much money.

One of the ways to turn a small dingy bathroom into an elegant room is to use mirrors. Granted most bathrooms come with a wall mirror above the sink, however, there is nothing attractive about a plain mirror stuck on a wall. There are things you can do to make your bathroom look great.
To begin with, you can check out mirror frames that have decorative molding. These will go a long way in enhancing your decorating style.

For those looking for a contemporary look, chrome is a great choice. For those who prefer a country bath then pine is an excellent choice. For a cottage style bathroom go for a white frame and for pure elegance try silver, gold or dark wood. Because of the fact that most bathrooms have little light, using a mirror will reflect the light making the room look much livelier, brighter and larger.
If you already have a mirror on the wall and don’t have the money to have it framed, try decorating it with silk flowers or a garland for a whole new look. If the bathroom is small but has a wall space, putting a large mirror going from one end to the other can open up the room and make it brighter. In addition to the mirrors, paint your walls a light color as this also reflects light. Have different lighting in the bathroom as well to make it brighter with a dimming option for those mellow, relaxing, intimate times.

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