How to create and maintain a cornrow hairstyle


by Lumka Nofemele

Cornrows are back and looking chicer than ever. This week Lumka shows you how to get the look.

or many women there is no hairstyle as inconvenient or short-lived as cornrows (or ‘straight-back’ as we call it around here). It’s a pain on the hairline, only lasts a week and is not very versatile. But with more celebs wearing braids and supermodel Jourdan Dunn showing up at the Met Gala with cornrows, my attitude towards the style has definitely changed.

Here’s how your cornrows can look as great as Jourdan’s.

Get your hair right

If your hair has recently been chemically processed, avoid putting in extensions for a least a month. Hair is weakest after it has just been relaxed. Before braiding, prepare the hair for the application of the extensions by using a moisturising mask to strengthen it.

Maintain your braids

Braid sprays are good but to make your hairstyle last longer oil your scalp weekly to prevent dryness and dandruff.

To maintain your hairline use something like Dark and Lovely braids and weaves S.O.S hairline on your edges. If you treat them well your cornrows should last for about three weeks.

Thinking of trying this trendy braided look? Tell us in the comments section below.

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