Crocodile-skin handbag sells for a record Sh21 million


crocodile hermes bag

A fuchsia-coloured crocodile-skin Hermes bag has broken the record for the most expensive handbag sold at auction, selling for US$222,912 at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong.

The shiny pink bag was sold to an Asian phone bidder in an auction that saw “fast-paced bidding from start to finish”, Christie’s said in a statement late Monday.

The final price realised at the Monday auction was around 15 percent more than the auction house’s estimate.

“With its 18k white gold and diamond hardware, Hermès Shiny Fuchsia Porosus Crocodile Diamond Birkin 35 dazzled the crowds, achieving a HK$1.72 million record,” Christie’s said in the statement.

The bag, part of the “Birkin” series named after actress and singer Jane Birkin, who was born in Britain and is based in France, features a gold and diamond-encrusted clasp and padlock and is 35 centimetres in width and 25 centimetres in height.

At the same auction that saw some 300 designer handbags going under the hammer, a shiny black crocodile “Kelly” bag was sold for US$145,000, breaking the record for the most expensive “Kelly” bag sold at auction.

The “Kelly” product line is named after the late Princess Grace of Monaco.

The auction house’s Handbags and Accessories sale achieved $5.99 million in sales.

Designer handbags are the latest craze for collectors, taking global auction houses by storm and fetching record prices.

The previous record was set at the sale of another Hermes Birkin by an American auction house valued at around $203,000 in 2011.



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  • Francismukui

    God help us

    • ckhainga

      kenyans should learn quality and not quantity . cheap is expensive

  • It’s funny how a member of government i.e. Hon. Mututho, can step up and say that the govt is to blame for not enforcing the law, while he himself has the resources and mechanisms to make sure that the law is enforced like passing stringent laws for non-performance of state agencies and agents. Kenyans!

  • Faith

    kenyans we really need to cry to God! Prayers and fasting will stop the occurences

  • Daniel Musyoka

    Very bad.. Mututho should take actions , no politics in this now! we should even be handling the victims of  Sinai tragedy but not an obvious tragedy which can be prevented if the law is well maintained..

  • Nkjames

    The whole Provincial administration where these deaths are occuring should be sacked.

  • Mazzdark

    Suicide by drink, hakuna pole hapa!

  • Masivathe

    lets not carry the blame always to the goverment. its not the first time people are dying of such drinks y cant we learn from the past. in the fast place y r u taking the drink does it add anything to u or brings trouble instead y dont u use the money to buy food for you family.

  • Peter

    The disturbing thing is that this is not the first time that there have been such deaths simultaneous in distant places, Ruiru and Nyahururu in this case. This is indicative of a national distribution network for these lethal brews or their ingredients. 

    This points to a more organised industry than just mama pima in her shack. 

  • jeff

    Achild can only be tougnt once this guy know what they doing this is not the fast time this happen, akuna blame game hapa ati kwa gover that bull shit

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