5 Mistakes you’re making in the gym

gym 5 mistakes

Most of us try to make working out a priority in our busy lives but if you’re hitting the gym regularly and not seeing results, a sneaky bad habit might be to blame. Here are five ways you might be sabotaging your workout and super easy tips for getting back on track.

1. Multi-tasking is your middle name

You know that reading 50 shades of Grey and texting your boo while on the treadmill is bad. But juggling too many moves within a single fitness task can also be counterproductive. Often, you’re better off focusing on just lifting weights or doing a balance exercise instead of doing both at the same time, that way, you can use a higher weight or hold balance poses longer, ultimately getting better results.

2. Feeling sore has you skipping the gym

When your muscles are aching, you’d rather melt into the couch and catch up on Game Of Thrones than head to the gym again. But squeezing in a little movement can actually ease tender muscles. The soreness you are experiencing is mostly due to lactic acid build up and it can really help to get your body moving again especially with stretches.
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3. You skip weights and rely on cardio 

Lifting isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, and a fear of bulking up can make you avoid dumbbells. however strength training definitely has it perks! Cardio can help you change your size, but strength training will help you change your shape by building muscle, boosting your metabolism and mood and helping you burn more fat. Alternate cardio and strength training to get lean and toned all over.

4. You have one go-to workout 

Humans instinctively love routine, so it’s no surprise that once we find something we like, we go on autopilot. But if you’re doing the same workout every time you end up in a comfort zone. Try to switch it up every six weeks or so to keep your body guessing and give you better results.

5. Working out feels really easy 

No need to be keeling over in pain, drenched in sweat post-workout, but you want to feel like something happened. Otherwise, it’s time to turn the dial up a notch. Track and progress your workout: Add extra reps, increase your weight, or do more rounds each week to make sure you’re pushing yourself hard enough and getting results.
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