#MustWatch: Green Goblin-like hoverboard sets new World Record


Ruthless industrialist Norman Osborn, Harry’s father in Marvel’s Spiderman, became the villain Green Goblin after a major personal and professional demise. Identified by his self-designed grotesque green costume based on an image from a childhood nightmare, armed with high-tech weaponry and a hoverboard-like glider; Green Goblin is one of the most captivating characters in the comic series.

The Green Goblin’s  glider has many fans around the world. Imagine levitating and gliding above the world, effortlessly all controlled by your feet? Well, now it’s possible.

Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru became the first person ever to break the Guinness World Records Title for the Farthest journey by hoverboard.

The first real-life hoverboard flew 275.9 m (905 ft 2 in) at Lake Ouareau in Quebec, Canada. The machine was built and designed by Duru.

The prototype can be used anywhere, but is usually tested over water because of how dangerously high it can fly.

Watch the amazing flight below:


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