#BeautyBar: 6 Ingredients to look for in your moisturizer

Moisturizer ingredients

Searching for the perfect moisturizer can be a long, daunting, expensive affair that may leave your bathroom cabinet with one too many products in the quest for the perfect one. *cue angelic music and bright lights*

Now that the weather is getting colder, using the right moisturizer is imperative to ensure your skin gets the right nutrients. But, given the thousands of options the world has to offer, it can get really complicated. Fast.

Price is always a good place to start but with moisturizers that range from Sh120 for unrefined coconut oil to Sh217,000 for a Crème De La Mer Ultrarich Moisturizing Cream, that might also leave you highly confused.

So why not start with ingredients? Here are some of the ones you should look out for in your moisturizing cream:

  • Hyaluronic Acid – this ingredient is already found in certain parts of the body and has a unique ability to soften skin and make it appear more youthful by doing away with fine lines.
  • Dimethicone – this light emollient is great for sealing in moisture, fighting fine lines and ultimately creating a flawless look.



  • Glycerine – this is a product that you’re probably already familiar with if you like to thoroughly comb through your . It helps retain water keeping the skin hydrated.
  • Petrolatum – better known as petroleum jelly, this ingredient does a great job of keeping skin moisturized and retaining water. Perfect for those particularly dry areas (e.g. elbows and knees)
  • Sunscreen – it doesn’t matter what age you are, looking for a moisturizer that’s stronger than SPF15 is a great start. Not only does it prevent your skin from aging quickly, it also protects you from harmful sun rays and helps keep cancer at bay.
  • Retinoids – this is a great source of Vitamin A that help that stimulate collagen production and helps with hyperpigmentation and fine lines.

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