#Travel: Is subscription-based flying the new trend?

surf air

Is a all-you-can-fly membership the future of aviation? Surf Air thinks so.

Surf Air, a new airline that operates on a monthly subscription, has launched in California and is looking to expand its innovative business model to other markets.

Offering a unique alternative to traditional commercial and private aviation, Surf Air also comes with perks in addition to a First Class experience:  free parking at airports, bypassing TSA security, great seats since there are only window and aisle options, plush leather seats designed by BMW, concierge services, free checked bags, snacks and beverages, book flights via an app in less than 30 seconds and complimentary Wi-Fi in air terminals.

A monthly membership to the first private air travel club will set you back at least USD$1,750 with a USD$1,000 initiation fee. Members enjoy unlimited monthly flights to 12 destinations and up to 90 daily flights.

If you’re a frequent business or leisure traveler between specific destinations such as the San Francisco Bay Area, Lost Angeles Metro Area, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Lake Tahoe or Las Vegas – Surf Air is the revolutionary flying experience that will save you time, money and offer travel on an executive jet.

Unless you fly every week, the monthly subscription is probably not the most cost effective option. However, if you’re a high net worth individual, whose preferred flying option is usually a private jet, Surf Air might be a convenient alternative. The only trade-off would be the need to stick to a schedule and not being able to simply request a plane any time.

Closer to home, do you think subscription-based flying would work in Kenya? Leave your comments below.



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