Kenya’s Revitalize launches revolutionary anti-aging technology


Leading wellness center in Kenya, Revitalize Wellness Center has partnered with UK’s Elemis to launch an Elemis Biotec System.

Revitalize Wellness Center (RWC) is the first in lifestyle brand in East Africa to launch the Elemis Biotec System.

The Elemis Biotech facial combines technology and touch, providing five advanced technologies all in a single machine.

The treatments use a combination of micro current pulses and light therapy to stimulate the unresponsive cells in the skin, which may have been damaged due to lifestyle choices or stress, to aid its ability to repair and tone itself and reduce fine lines and wrinkles as a result.

It offers seven different types of facials which aim to help combat the signs of aging, sagging, scarring and blemishes.

Different varieties of facials on offer include blemish control, skin radiance, anti wrinkle and skin resurfacing.


Commenting on the launch, RWC Managing Director Susan Rodirigues said: “It helps to increase the elasticity and firmess of the skin.

“You get visible results straight away and a lot of the treatments have been clinically trialled as well.”

Mrs Rodirigues believes that the “instant results” the machine offers will help to make it a huge success and is optimistic about what the machine will do for business.

She said: “Most people are interested to try it out. The evening we tried it on the model we demonstrated part of the facial and you could already see a difference straight away in her skin.

“People that normally have hands on facials are looking to try that instead.

“[It’s been] really good. There’s lots of interest and quite a few bookings as well.”

The founder of RWC also has a lot of respect for the Elemis brand who created the machine.

“It’s a really big leading brand which myself and my daughter worked with a long time ago.

“When Elemis decided to bring it out we thought yes definitely, they are so well known.”

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