Do this daily for 20 minutes to help shed belly fat


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(By Melanie Chisnall) If you’re serious about slimming down your mid-section for summer, blast your belly fat with this 20-minute daily habit.

Trying to get rid of your belly fat, lower ‘pooch’ or muffin top takes some dedication and a plan of action.

Block 20 daily minutes to blast belly fat

So if you’re serious about slimming down your mid-section for summer, commit to 20 minutes a day, at least five days a week.

In these 20 minutes do some form of vigorous exercise. This means going all out to work up a sweat, breathe hard, and get your heart racing (but always be safe).

Vigorous exercises

These kinds of exercises trim all your fat, including visceral fat (the hard to target fat around your tummy). Choose exercises like:

  • jogging,
  • power walking,
  • riding a stationary bike,
  • using the elliptical machine, or
  • doing a HIIT home workout.


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