7 simple remedies to curb fatigue


Are you always feeling tired and lazy. There are a few things you could be doing all wrong. When you’re constantly tired, you could end up being grumpy, lazy, irritable and even unhappy with life. To take care of this problem, you need to:

1. Get some sun – If you are deficient in vitamin D you are bound to feel tired, moody and stressed out. But did you know that 15 minutes in the sun will increase your vitamin D levels which when combined with Vitamin B work together to fight fatigue?

2. Caffeine consumption may make you experience headaches, irritability and dehydration which may make things worse in the case where you were trying to get rid of fatigue in the first place. So avoid caffeine by all means.

3.Unwind and de-stress. Whatever form of relaxation works for you be it a cup of chamomile tea, a visit to the spa, a weekend in, go for it. Fatigue is usually linked with mood and accumulation of little stresses brought forth by life. To help keep your mind at zen:

-Buy a plant as plants are known to induce your relax response

-Go for a walk. Short walks help you clear your head by boosting endorphins which help to reduce the stress hormones.

-Watch a comedy and laugh your heart out. Laughter is known to activate your body’s stress response, cools you down and leaves you feeling all relaxed.

4. Have a 20-minute power nap. Power naps have several benefits including improved memory, performance and alertness.

5. Switch off your electronic devices overnight. Using your phone and other electronics with bright light before bed will cause problems with your sleep behaviors.

6. Eat healthier as what you eat will highly influence your overall health. Peanuts, Cherries and dark chocolate contain certain minerals that help calm you down. If calming down is what you are looking for then alcohol is one thing you will need to avoid alcohol as any kind of alcohol is bad for your sleep.


7. Do a quick work out. Your body will appreciate it and you will feel much better. Don’t overdo it though as too much as excessive physical activity can make you push your body to the limit leaving you tired.

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