6 ways to use chopsticks besides eating!

ways to use chopsticks

(By Lyndy Mansfield) Chopsticks have been used in Asian for more than five thousand years. Many Westerners have now started eating delicious Asian foods, often resulting in a kitchen drawer full of chopsticks.

  • Use them for garden stakes. Write the names of the seedlings along the length of the sticks and poke them into the ground next to the different seeds you have have planted. You can also use one as a ‘dibber’. In other words, a tool for making holes to plant seeds in.
  • Use the sticks as counters for toddlers. You can paint them and they can learn to define the colours and add them up in some kind of numbers game.
  • Chopsticks are useful for novices to learn to knit. Your children could be intrigued – and don’t leave out the boys!
  • Long hair will be kept out of your face if you twist it back and use a chopstick as a hair restrainer. They’re better than a pencil, because they are less smooth and slippery.
  • Use the painted ones as pick-up sticks. Really good for hand-eye coordination.
  • They can be used for kebab skewers too and are especially good for making ones with pieces of fruit, or for a fondu, if you don’t have enough fondu forks.
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