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  1. Little Hiti August 26th, 2011 at 9:22 am

    …good for him and the Country. Unfortunate for him and what he is trying to do, the Kenya Police is the doormat for the Kenya society. The government enslaves it by offering very little or none-existent support. Consider that Uhuru denied the  Police force some 2 billion shillings that had been promised to the Police sometime back for no good reason. The Military which does absolutely nothing remotely  related to the Military Profession got KSH 60 Billion  to sleep in the barracks, drink and whore around. Kenyan treat the police with derision and contempt…for good reasons but what they fail to understand is the situation the Police operates under, a salary of 18K for most officers is a joke taken too  too far…they  do not even have life insurance for Death while in employers service. The housing sucks..and they do not have any defined working hours. Then there is misuse of the Police Force….their current deployment to Migingo and other hot spots is a very good example. Those are Military Situations in which the police have no business being sent to. The Ugandans know this best. All the Best o All the best to the CID boss..he is making the best out of a grim situation


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