Almost half of Tinder users aren’t even single


Research by Global Web Index found that 42 percent of people using Tinder are already in relationships—and many of them are men.

The sad truth has been confirmed: It appears a large chunk of Tinder users may not be entirely forthright with their intentions.

I know what you’re thinking: “Tinder is a cheater’s app.” Now, let’s not be so quick to judge.

Tinder CEO Sean Rad once said that Tinder wasn’t so much a dating app as a “social discovery app.”

There are users that use the app for purely creeping entertainment – let’s see who else is on Tinder. Laughing over people’s profile descriptions. Others pose as wing-people for friends.

Another way to look at Global Web Indexes new findings is that Tinder is actually an app that appeals to couples. Maybe it’s just another app game, something to tap and swipe that alleviates boredom, together. Tindering allows couples to just be in the game without really being involved.

Of course there are those that use Tinder legitimately. But for those that aren’t and are in a serious relationship with someone else, why would you use an app to start a flirty conversation with a complete stranger – unless that’s exactly what you wanted to do. Now, ask yourselves, would you do that if you were serious about the person you’re in a relationship with?

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