Princess Charlotte said to be worth Sh144 billion

Princess Charlotte

Britain’s Princess Charlotte will be worth £1 billion to the economy.

The newborn tot will reportedly rake in the staggering sum by the age of 10 and has already boosted the economy by £80 million since she was welcomed by her parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, on Saturday (02.05.15).

Author and fashion consultant Patricia Davidson told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Everybody will be watching what she’s wearing.

“When Kate buys dresses for her daughter, other people will follow suit. Just as they copy what Kate wears.

“There is a lot more fun in little girls’ clothes than there is in boys’ clothes. People love little girls’ dresses.

“And when she becomes a teenager and comes to pick her own clothes, girls will want to pick the same thing or go to the same designer.”

Although Patricia insists it won’t just be people copying the stylish youngster which will boost the economy.

Raised spirits following the birth are also said to have led to an increase in the purchase of other goods.

She said: “She won’t just be affecting sales of children’s clothes. With the new arrival, people are very happy so they will go out and spend money.”

The sale of commemorative merchandise issued to mark the birth will also go someway towards the £1 billion figure with the Royal Collection Trust having released it’s own official royal baby range, including plates and cups, to be sold in gift stores and online.

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