4 ways to ease the pain before a bikini wax


Bikini wax

Beauty is pain and boy oh boy does the average woman know this.

When it comes to getting your bikini wax, few things can prepare for that momentary sting that leaves your body on fire and your mind numb.

But because we believe that sharing is caring, here are several tricks that can help make your session a little more bearable.

bikini wax - numbing cream

Spread some numbing cream

There’s nothing like a little numbing cream around your bikini area to help make the process a little more bearable. But before you go smearing the creams and gels on, be sure to read the warning labels and be on the lookout for any adverse effects.

bikini wax - menstrual cycle

Your skin is likely to be more sensitive right around your period so watch those dates and avoid booking an appoint 3 days before or after your cycle.

bikini wax - soaking in bath

Soak in a warm bath

The steam from a hot shower or a good soak in the bath should make the process a little easier given it will soften and loosen the hair up a little.

bikini wax - trim the hair

The longer the hair, the more painful it will be to wax! Not only is trimming advisable when it comes to reducing the pain, it’s also going to be more pleasant for your beautician. And on that note, try not to wait too long before your next wax session. A month should be good enough!


Sharon Mundia

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