#SexAndTheCity : The different types of men in bed

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If you have watched the TV show Sex and the City, then you will surely know that a lot of sex happens in that 6 seasons television show. And when I say a lot of sex, I mean A LOT! The writer of the TV series tries to show us what happens in single, upwardly mobile, career focused women’s lives in their quest to find their prince charming and finally settle. Every episode has an exciting sex issue and what women face in their day to day lives and how they counter these issues and since the title has SEX all over it, let’s deal with the topic of the “different types of men in bed” that the women in sex and the city deal with.

#The one minute man

Simple! This man finishes before you’ve even started and he is usually very touchy about the topic and will feel offended when you bring up the topic. He just won’t discuss that issue with you and may even blame you for his minute-long problems.

#The profane man!

This guy’s middle name is Profanity! When he gets to climax, all you will hear him blurt out are all sorts of obscene words and usually he does this in oblivion.

#The kinky guy 

This guy will ask for freakish sexual favors from you during intercourse…like he loves it when you pee on him… erm.. right!

#The crier

This guy may cry during and after sex. Reason? He can’t just explain the amazing feeling, so crying is his best option.

# The emotional guy

This guy has too much love in him that he only knows how to give in bed at that time. He will  treat you right and will make it his job to make sure you are ok and will of course ask you if you are ok after every single second. He is also a cuddler!

# The 30 something year old virgin

This guy. This guy. This guy… has waited  over 30 years to partake in sack matters with somebody from the opposite sex because either he has been waiting for the perfect girl, or he is overly shy, or sex never really mattered to him until now! He is very much likely to enjoy himself that first time very much so be sure that he will not let you breathe  as he has now realized what he had been missing out on in life. He turns into a sex rabbit!

#The sex obsessed man

This guy is so obsessed with everything sex and will spend most of his time watching other people having sex whether on the internet or from his sacred-not-so-secret stash. He is so obsessed such that it is the only thing that will turn him on, he will even have a tv in his bedroom and will want to watch some sexual action as you get it on.

#The asexual guy

This guy’s libido is languishing in the negatives ( Probably -100). Nothing you do will get him in the mood. Nothing!

#The overly confident man

This guy believes he is a god in bed. He believes he is so good in bed and is so much into himself that he doesn’t care whether you think so too or nah! In most cases it’s all about size and so he is likely to be very well endowed.

#The not so confident man

This guy on the other hand, lacks self confidence whatsoever and will keep seeking your assurance. He thinks he really sucks in the sack and will always ask you LOTS of questions during and after sex. It is very likely that he is not all cucumber down there.

#The talker

Wow! During sex, this guy talks and talks and talks and talks and talks and talks…. !

#The feel nothing kind of guy

This guy will have sex with anyone, as long as they are female. He is that guy without a type and he does that because he thinks by numbers. The more women he sleeps with the coolest it makes him feel about himself. This guy is also known as a male wh**e.

#The different guy

This guy will never want to have sex the conventional way. He gets off from other forms of sex like sex from behind, sex through other body parts and maybe even objects. Also, threesomes, orgies etc are just his cup of tea.

#The OCD guy

This is that guy who may interrupt sack matters in the middle just so that he can straighten the bedsheets or make you get off the bed immediately after intercourse so that he can spread the bed. Of course this guy will also rush to take a shower immediately after the sexual encounter.

#The masochist

Strange tools, handcuffs, whips, blindfolds, role play, dominant and submissive, dark small rooms with sexual décor is the kind of life this guy is all about.

# The bisexual guy

This guy has a thing for men and women. He is likely to ask you to invite a man in bed or will always constantly check out other men when he is with a woman.

#The PDA guy

This guy is all about having sex in public places. The idea of being caught turns him on even more.

# The fetish guy

This guy is obsessed with the idea of YOU. He is either obsessed with you or something on you..like your feet, your eyes, your bum…just something on you. It’s never even about sex for him, it’s about you or seeing that part of your body that he is obsessed with.

#The everlasting guy

This guy takes forever to get there. He is literally exhausting and may make you hate sex if you are not about that kind of life.


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