Is this the greatest Fast Food invention?



Developed by ad agency DDB Budapest, McDonald’s Hungary may be the first to unveil arguably one of the best Fast Food inventions – a BagTray.

According to Gizmondo, the BagTray was developed by McDonald’s Hungary in an effort to improve and elevate the paper bag experience. At a glance  the BagTray will  resemble every other bag, but upon closer inspection, a strip of paper near the bottom of the bag can be seen. Once pulled, the strip will detach the top of the bag from the bottom, which has been reinforced by cardboard – acting as a tray.

Check out how it works below:



Susan Wong is the Editor of Capital Lifestyle, a resident photographer, an award-winning journalist, radio presenter, full-time adventurer, long-time admirer of anything edible, and a spicy food athlete at Capital FM.

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