How to brighten up your home this Rainy Season

living room rainy season


By Monique Warner

We all know what happens when the grey clouds roll in! Not only does it indicate rain, but also the dreary-looking days ahead.

To help you counter those grey days, here are three easy ways to brighten up your home this winter…

1. Add white

Paint walls and dark wooden furniture white. It’s one of the best ways to brighten up a room.

If you can’t paint the walls or furniture, use white or light coloured throws, couch slip-covers, cushions and tablecloths to give your home an instantly bright makeover.

2. Consider the curtains

If you are able to replace dark curtains, opt for light coloured curtains in white, cream or a light sand/beige shade.  If replacing curtains is out of the question, a simple way to boost the amount of natural light in your home is to tie those curtains back!  You could buy curtain ties or simply use pretty fabric ribbon.

3. Add mirrors

Mirrors help reflect natural light and can also help make a space appear larger. You could hang a large mirror above the main sofa in your living room or, mount three long, rectangular mirrors along the wall, one above the other, to help visually ‘extend’ the space and reflect whatever light there is.

You could also add mirrors to the backboard of a shelving unit or install a mirrored tiled backsplash in your kitchen. Two easy and affordable ways to add mirrors to your home include placing a mirrored tray on a coffee table, which will help bounce light upwards, and by displaying fresh flowers in lovely mirror mosaic vases.

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