OrigiCheck : The Kenyan App solution to Counterfeiting



Origicheck, is an app that was established in 2014 with the objective of eliminating counterfeiting which damages brand owners’ reputation as well as lowering consumer confidence in the affected brands.

The app was created due to concerns of the high numbers of production and emersion of counterfeit products into the Kenyan market that leads to losses in the manufacturing industry and the consumers in equal measure.

Origicheck, which was launched in March this year, will curb emersion of counterfeit products into the Kenyan market benefiting both the manufacturer and the consumer at large. The main aim of the app is:

*To recover lost market by distributors
*To wipe out the 70% counterfeit market place and create a window for distributors to profit from.
*To supplement what the Anti Counterfeit Agencies are doing to end this war

Counterfeiting demoralizes the innovative and entrepreneurial Kenyans as their brilliant ideas are imitated leaving them at a loss.

Origicheck is led by experienced and innovative individuals who have amazing track records in various sectors of the market.

The director, Mr. Terry Downes has a record of building a number of exponential growth companies across Europe, Asia and the US and was the former Head Of Group Security TNT, KK LODGIT Limited.

The Chief executive officer is Haron Kiriba, a hard working and passionate business man and the Chief technical Director, Robinson Ondieki is an expert who is a graduate of The University Of Nairobi having pursued Economics And Law and has worked in retail and supply chain technology for a couple of years

Origicheck prides itself in coming up with the world’s first project that aims at building a counterfeit free world.

It is suitable for the following sectors; automotive parts, Mobile Phones and Accessories, Memory cards and flash disks, Arts & Entertainment : music and movie CDs, Artisanal Works, Biotech & Medical supplies, Household products, Farm inputs, Appliances, Pharmaceuticals, Book Publishers, Cosmetic products, Cables, Electronics, Tyres, Computers, Clothing & Textiles, Agricultural inputs, Cigarettes, Beverages, Packaged Foods, Diverse manufacturers, Distributors

How the solution works


1.Scratch to reveal a unique code (unique to that particular unit of product).

2. Use the mobile Application to confirm authenticity.

3. If genuine, a customer receives customized product details with a green thumb up sign

4. If scratched and checked before, a consumer receives an invalid feedback: “invalid this has been checked before”

5. If fake, the consumer is alerted with a red thumb down “it is fake” and is given a unique dialogue platform to report the fake product via Mobile app, email, hotline, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

6. When a Customer gives a credible report or information that leads to arrest of counterfeiters they are offered incentives which helps to form an effective community policing unit.


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