Our shoes, our men



Women are naturally amorous creatures and that is no word for a lie. Of all the things we love and lust though, none compare to men and footwear! We love our different men and our different shoes in very similar ways if I may be so bold to state and no, I do not mean this as an insult to the fellas.

As women we have that “staple” shoe that we love! The comfortable pair that fit so perfectly that sometimes we barely shoesremember their presence on our delicate feet. They were probably quite pocket friendly and have withstood the test of time as we’ve been wearing them for years. We can walk, run, jump, skip, dance and stand in line with them. They are suitable to wear to a picnic, to the office, to the movies, on a date-whatever! They don’t wear fast, they go with most of our outfits and they never ever dare blemish us with nasty blisters or callouses. However, much as we do love these shoes, we don’t really regard them highly. We take them for granted and never truly appreciate them for what simple pleasures and ease they afford us. We always get and exalt fancier shoes that may not be as comfortable and when we get overwhelmed we go back to them only to jilt them when the next hot number catches our eyes.


Ditto with those men in our lives that we’ve known so long and have become amazingly familiar and cosy with. You know them: our best friends, our “brothers from another mother” and whichever other sweet, dependable, loyal man we have relegated to the infamous friend zone! We get on like a house on fire and are so used to them always being there for us that we end up being unappreciative of it. The relationships blossomed effortlessly without the need to apply special measures and have lasted us through the years. We can count on them for anything. They stick around during whatever conditions or moods we oscillate between and are always up for a plan from the movies to clubbing to just a quiet brunch on a boring Sunday. Our friends like them and vice versa and God bless them they almost never hurt us or our sensitive feelings. Being who we are though, we almost always assume they will always be there and never take the chance to fully revel in the love and care they so openly and irrevocably shower us with. We refuse to see them as more than just friends and go out in heart-breaking searches of true love when in reality it was always right there by our side wiping away the tears of heartache and disappointment. And what do we do? We jump from their secure embrace into the reluctant arms of yet another short-lived encounter. Oh di fouf!

They say men are visual creatures but I think ultimately, we take the crown, especially when hot shoes are involved! Those shoes that make us go gaga (definitely not the type Gaga wears though, someone should talk to her eish). Universally gorgeous to any and every woman. Universally gorgeous on any woman! High heeled, sturdy, dressy, painful on the poor feet but they just look so amazing and give you a fabulous validation! They cost us an arm and another arm (because we need the leg to wear them). No matter what the price we pay we want them so bad we’ll sell blood, a spleen and our children’s hair to get them!  Did I mention they hurt? Different pains too: toes, heel, ankles, calves etc! But that is beside the point: beauty is pain right? We take the pain in stride (literally), grit our teeth into a weird smile and try to last in them. After all, they are to-die-for and everyone has their eyes on you and there is some gratification in the fact that you are the one wearing those hot numbers! Until we cannot stand them anymore, maybe even stand altogether from the suffering. We cannot take any more neither have we more to give. We retire them and swear off such until we see the other even more gorgeous pair that we just have to have!

Then we have those men that we love to lust! Every woman’s object of desire, every man’s source of insecurity. Tall, well built, wonderful dressers, not at all gentlemen but every bit the charmers. The ones that make our knees go weak, our hearts break Usain Bolt’s records and our pride and resolve take a hike! We see these men and we want them immediately. We do everything in our power to get them even for a fleeting second at the price of our ego. They cost us a lot to finally get and when we do manage to be with them they hurt us but we bite the bullet and withstand the agony for as long as we can because we know everyone is watching and it feels great to be the one with him. after a while though we get drained and cannot stand them anymore. Are they worth the discomfort? The stress? The heartache? Plus, there is that other hotter guy that just walked in! Hunk du jour! He must be better than this loser! So yesterday!

Of course there are the amazing shoes that our sister/friend owns and we’ve always wanted! Perfect pair! Color, height, fabric and design. We wonder where they found them that we never got around to. And they always have the cutest story too: not your typical “I was at the mall and saw these lush shoes on display and just had to get them” tale. We cannot help but think how much better a certain outfit we have would look if paired with those particular pairs or get jealous every time they tell us how comfortable or durable the shoes are. We may try them on from time to time but the shoes just won’t fit quite right! Or perhaps they don’t look as good on us much as we may have better legs than the owner. So we appreciate them from a distance and wonder if we’ll ever get them in our size or if they’re out of stock. . .

Which brings us to the taken men. They may be dating/married to someone very close to us and yet we still can’t help longing for them. It’s almost always because the women they’re with tell us about how lovely they are, dependable, strong, etc. Plus they just look so good together and we muse about whether we would look just as good if not better if one of them was in our life or if we’d have the same dynamics. Alas, it never happens that way. So we console ourselves with dreams of finding our very own like them, assuming such men still exist because let’s face it, the good ones are always taken!

Lastly, remember the pair of shoes we had that were cute but nothing special and not so high as we like them, and the nude that we thought would be fabulous turned out to look like cold tea, and just a right damp squib? The ones we probably gave away to our friends or co-worker? Then just like that they put them on and the shoes look quite stunning-the perfect hue and everything? And we kick ourselves for not seeing that earlier and giving them away without a second thought because they were not exactly what we wanted? And we now want them back?christianlouboutin-hotchick


Yeah, like those guys that wanted us but we didn’t think they measured up so we set them up with other women we know. Then we start noticing that all the things we dismissed about them are actually quite charming, endearing and striking! We probably never paid attention but seeing them happy with and making the other women happy makes us regret acting in haste. We think of reclaiming them but alas! ’tis too late. We have only our shortsightedness to blame.

Well, like our shoes, our men do drive us crazy and keep us on our toes so cheers to that! And just like our shoes, there is that one man out there that is perfect for us, classic, timeless, and forever! And when the shoes fit . . . you may just wear them down the aisle 🙂


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