Foods to eat when feeling some type of way


As human beings, we are wired to feel all sorts feelings. We can feel sad, happy, lonely, down, angry, stressed, anxious, kind, satisfied, great, joyous, ecstatic, cheerful, sunny, liberated, energetic, calm, content,surprised among other feelings.

The first good news is that, we can feel! Yay! The bad news is that we have to go through these feelings-some of which leave us feeling meeeh!- whether we like it or not. The second good news is that we can do something about those feelings that leave us feeling meeeh! One way to achieve that is through eating.

If you’re feeling depressed and grumpy

EAT Eggs and bananas which are full of good proteins that your body converts into good- mood boosters. Lean beef, poultry, wheat germ or ancient grains for their complex carbohydrates.  Nuts and seeds as they are filled with magnesium.

Fish for the omega 3 fatty acids and green tea for its amino acid L-theanine content.

AVOID sugary sweets as they encourage hunger and you will end up eating too much hence making you gain weight and then you will get more depressed about it.

If you’re stressed out and frustrated

EAT:chocolate and salmon. Chocolates contain a chemical called epicatechin which improves blood flow to the brain. This will help you get everything in perspective.

Salmon is an oily fish which is good in fatty acids that aid in boosting brainpower and energy levels.

If you’re feeling spotty and lonely

EAT: grapes, peas, apricots, and kiwi fruit which contain high doses of antioxidants and vitamin C which help to get rid of acne and dry skin and brightens your complexion.

AVOID: Junk food as this really does nothing for your skin, your waistline and your overall health.

If you’re angry with PMS

EAT lots of bananas and everything that contains Vitamin B6 like pork, poultry, eggs, vegetables, peanuts etc

If you’re hung-over

EAT eggs as that helps your liver to clear out toxins

AVOID chewing gum as it will make you gassy and bloated from swallowing air and artificial sweeteners and you will feel worse.

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