5 Ways to know for sure if you’ve found “Mr. Right”


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 Tip 3: Allow your “flame” to spread into the “friend” zone

If all you feel in your relationship is strictly a “physical” thing, then how will you ever experience life together? How will you outlast conflict together? Or will you both be there for each other through a time of grief?

If you don’t have a solid friendship within your relationship, then all you really have is a “fling”. In this case, you can choose to stay with your “fling” or you can let go, if you’re ready to get serious.

Tip 4: Listen to what your family and friends think about your relationship

You’re probably thinking that your relationship is nobody’s business! Sure, I may not know a whole lot about your family or friend situation, but guess what? Your family and friends know a whole lot about YOU.

If they know that you are not happy and that you are simply “settling” in your relationship, then they are going to let you know about it, whether you want to hear it or not.

If you are unwilling to take their advice, being the ones who have known you all your life, then how can you take the advice from anyone else??

If they approve then there could be an opportunity to see where things can go in the future.

Seriously, it might be serious.

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Tip 5: Ensure a lifetime gain for your lifetime investment

I’m not saying that you should become a “gold digger” or that you have to use your man for all they have.

However, if you’re going to sacrifice your singlehood for a relationship that may go all the way, then be sure you are going to get something out of it, such as love, respect, attention, time and whatever else you desired your long-term relationship to be.

Marriage is a mutual thing—both parties will sacrifice and gain. If you don’t see that you are getting anything for what you’re investing in, then you should think twice on whether moving towards marriage is what you want to do.

I remember in past relationships with my ex-boyfriends and I would think to myself,
“Man, this situation sucks! If I ever marry this guy then I will probably be miserable, but that’s OK as long as we’re together…I guess that’s just how life is.”


If you are dating your “ideal” guy and you really want to know if this relationship is serious or not then get serious with yourself and check your heart.

Is this truly what you want till the end of your days? If it is, then continue on and be happy. If it’s not, then you have a lot of analysing to do and you and your guy should have a conversation sooner rather than later.

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