Are 3D dresses the future of bridal gowns?

3D Dresses 1

Here’s the thing: 3D dresses have not suddenly risen into the forefront of fashion. In fact, they’ve been around for a few years now with companies such as Nike taking up this new technology in their manufacturing of their 2012 football shoes.

But as the world – and more specifically, the modern day bride – is about to discover, this form of design is about take over the wedding industry by storm.

Known for their intricate designs made up of exquisite patterns and delicate fabric, one can see where the sophistication of 3D printers can come in handy in creating one-of-a-kind wedding gowns and accessories.

3D printers will not only allow brides to have a more hands-on approach in the design process but also provide them with an opportunity to customize their special gowns, down to the last detail.

For an industry that’s known to rear bridezillas out of otherwise passive women and characterized by bottomless pockets, this is would be considered something like winning the lottery. And dig into your pockets you shall for a customized dress can range anywhere between Sh450,000 to Sh2,000,000.

3D Dresses 2

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