Supermodel Gisele Bundchen set for final catwalk turn


Gisele Bündchen 2

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen will strut her stuff on the catwalk for the last time on Wednesday, putting a gold-plated seal on the runway career that launched her to stardom.

Bundchen, the world’s top-earning model, will take her final sashay down the catwalk at Sao Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW), the same event where she made her debut 20 years ago.

The 34-year-old Brazilian bombshell announced last month she was retiring from runway modeling, saying she wanted to spend more time with her husband, New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady, and their two children, Benjamin and Vivian.

“My body tells me if what I do is worth it, and it asked to stop. I respect my body, it’s a privilege to be able to stop,” she told Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo.

She will continue modeling off the runway and promoting her lingerie line, Gisele Bundchen Intimates, launched in 2011 for the Brazilian label Hope.

Her final runway show, for Brazilian label Colcci, is a symbolic return to her roots.

Bundchen and SPFW were both just starting out two decades ago when she had her first show there, taking the runway for local label Zoomp at 14 years old.

Today, the twice-yearly event, which opened Monday, is the largest fashion show in Latin America.

It was the start of big things for Bundchen, who went on to model for major fashion houses such as Alexander Wang, Balenciaga, Carolina Herrera, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Versace and Victoria’s Secret.

Gisele Bündchen 3

– Height of career –

According to Forbes magazine, she has been the highest-paid model in the world for the past eight years, with $47 million in earnings last year.

Only recently, she signed her largest ever contract — worth more than $25 million, according to Forbes — with US sports apparel firm Under Armour.

“It’s marvelous she’s leaving the runway at a moment when she’s at the height of her powers. It’s an intelligent decision,” said Dilson Stein, the talent scout who discovered Bundchen in 1994 during a modeling workshop in the small city of Horizontina, in her native state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Bundchen began her career when the so-called “heroin chic” of pale, angular models like Kate Moss was the prevailing aesthetic in high fashion.

By 1999, she became the face of what Vogue magazine, splashing her across its cover, called “the return of the sexy model.”

Stein remembers being wowed by the willowy girl of German descent, with her long blonde hair, sun-kissed skin and athletic build.

“I saw something in her. I knew she would be the great model of the future,” he told AFP.

Bundchen is now expected to turn her focus to print ad campaigns.



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  • David keen

    God bless UHURU MUIGAI KENYATTA.First it was the council of elders who annoited him.Then political leaders have done it today.Halafu raiya will annoit him kwa debe.

  • Hkipchumba

    Please Kenyans, when will we learn to rally behind issues and not tribes. What will happen if The Hague story comes. Tafadhali let us not balkanize our country, NOT AGAIN.

  • Hetynw

    This is just empty and barbaric retoric.Have u not heard that we are tired of Family dynasties leading us.Again which reform has Uhuru championed?Let him settle with the jails in Hague-His upcoming home.You are leaders with no wisdom to lead but only after what will fill ur wallets.By the way pay tax first.

  • Eskeingari

    I am longing  for a time when there will be no kikuyus,luos,kalenjin,maasai,,,name those tribes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,etc but only kenyans living in kenya and having a ‘kenyan’ president.

  • Oludavin

    Regionism, Tribalism, Nipotism, Ethnocentricis, all are = to Genocide (PEV). Ocampo must act the fastes to save us from  this Tribal politics that  is a Recipe for Anarchy but has never felt less relevance or useful in Kenyan Politics.
    Nepotism and Tribalism are two poisonous diseases at large in our society and nation:Nepotism is “favoritisms shown to relatives or close friends by those with power or influence”.
    Tribalism is positively, “loyalty to a tribe or tribal values”. Negatively, tribalism is “a way of thinking or behaving in which people are more loyal to their tribe than to their friends, their country, or any other social group”. “A ‘tribe’ in Kenya is a particular identity construction created by colonial powers in an effort to more easily dominate the population & in contrast an ‘ethnicity’ is a group of people who share a common identity, rituals, and, most commonly language.”
    Of the more than 40 ethnic groups currently in Kenya, the main tribes are Kikuyu , Luhya,  Kalenjin, Luo , Meru, Kisii, Kamba, Swahili, Masai, and Turkana…  In Kenya, as elsewhere, bearing an ethnic identity is an “ordinary aspect of selfhood and basic social relation.”  Unfortunately the increasing violence and sensitivity to one another’s tribal affiliations whether in politics or in everyday situations has proved that the effects of tribalism in Kenya bear negative consequences. The manipulation of ethnic identity by the political elite has led to a rise of tribalism and ultimately a clash between African customary law and western modernity.
    Uhuru is trying to activate tribal regional emotions and sympathy before ICC and in particular Ocampo terminates his overly developed political ego. The problem with most  Kenyans is lack of imagination. 

    • David keen

      No Sir.If you dont live in Kenya,let me welcome you back.Even in Diaspora where there are  elites we    know the majority who were supporting Kibaki and who were supporting RAO.If we were to reveal the true identity of those commenting on here, you will agree tribalism is part and parcel of us.Ocampo  is not coming  to eradicate tribalism in kenya.Will Luos stop  adoring Raila? wakamba will continue to say  “wiper”, Wakalees will still say their man is Ruto.Let the 6 be tried but it does not mean others not in the lists are not guilty.Read wikileaks. .

  • truth be told.

    @google-aba6edeb0a06c2a79eb71cbd8455f9e9:disqus David Keen,good word….why is it when Luos adore PM,its normal,when Kaos adore wiper,its very normal,when Mudavadi is fighting tooth & nail to head the luhyas,its very very normal,when Kaleos adore Ruto,its very best normal,but when UK is crowned a leader,its called tribalism and all that garbage. lets face facts as facts,this is how Kenya is,that is how Kenyans are and that is how Kenyans want it to be.All the political formulas and blunders and results are an image of us dont point fingers.. 

    • David keen

      I honestly do not know why there is so much kikuyu phobia.Like in Luo land, you cannot even campaign if you are not supporting RAO otherwise utakula mawe proper.See how in kikuyu land there is democracy.Anybody can come and say anything and no one cares.We have many parties.We have theoretical revolutionaries who are liberal only in kikuyu politics but conservertives in there regions.I call them sungura wanjanja.In these regions there are many learned people.But no one dares or bothers to condemn the politics of their region.But they are the first to poke their noses in in central kenya politics.We have not said Uhuru is the president.If UK were to agree with RAO and say RAILA TOSHA, am sure it will not be tribalism.But now it is tribalism because he is planning to challenge RAO.

  • Mak


  • Anonymous

    SHAME ON THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The country’s leadership is not for or about REGIONAL OR TRIBAL LEADERS. This is a message for people of Central Kenya; for those who have brains and for one reason or the other cannot vote for Raila (who is, of course, definitely going to be the next president of this country), let them vote for nationalists and rational minded people like Peter Keneth, or good lawyers like Martha and not lawyers od shuttle diplomacies to protect criminals .
    For heaven’s sake,Wise people should vote for Wise leaders, good people to rcognise and elect good leaders and leave Fools to elect Fools, Criminals to elect their leaders, perpetrators of impunity to elect one of their own, thieves to elect their gang leaders and so on and so forth.
    Kenyans from other regions can see clearly what cental Kenya leaders advocating and demostrating to the Kenyan Electrate.
    Once more Shame on them!!!!!! 

    • David keen

      Let the people decide.But am sure they wont decide as per your perspective.I think people have to look where they are coming and where they are going.A leader is the one who leads his people in times of crises and peace too. UK has won hearts of  many mt Kenya  dwellers.Why? Not because he comes from a prominent family, but he has showed true leadership in the past.Abt 3 yrs ago, people from mt. Kenya region and kambas   were being killed like rats.It is only UK who heard the people cries and said enough was enough.The man brought  peace to his people.The killings were engineered by those who preached tribalism .They used to say” it is us aganaist one.Do we know those leaders? YES.How through wikileaks. Just because they are not in  ICC does not  mean they not guilty.In 2012 , it is majority of kenyans who will decide who will be the C.E.O.  of kenya. at that difficult time of our people, i never heard of PK  or MK

  • Nkjames63

    When  majority kenyans aremeeting to raise funds to help the suffering kenyans, others are wasting resources to endorse a candidate. The power to decide who will b a leader belongs to the people and I am sure they will exercise it reasonably and not to support those who want to protect their ill gotten wealth

  • we should not behave as if we dont belong to kenya with all this bullshit pretending we are wise am pround be from mt kenya 42 tribe will remain with us whether we like it or not and we should be pround with our tribe

  • we should not behave as if we dont belong to kenya with all this bullshit pretending we are wise am pround be from mt kenya 42 tribe will remain with us whether we like it or not and we should be pround with our tribe

    • Samwelndahi

      Tribalism starts like that.We have better leaders outside our tribes.Just like Mutunga, we are going to elect a person who is currently ignored.Politicians yesterday anointed there own, we will anoint ours and he will not came from Big families who have accumulated Trillions when even kikuyus are IDPS.This guy they are anointing hold hectors and hectors of land and can not help his own.Becoming a prezo will not make him better in fact he will protect looters who are endorsing him.They want to make a voting block which will block others from ascending to leadership.All those guys you saw want to use him to get the positions they want next year.We must allow other leaders with strong values to image now to take this Nation to the next level.

      CPA (k)

  • Cipa1712

    When Kikuyus were hunted in RV and Kisumu and killed like animals just because they were Kikuyus and even those who had voted for ODM were not spared and rich and poor Kikuyus were hunted and killed, maimed or displaced and their property stolen or destroyed was that not tribalism at its worst from the perpetrators? Those shouting the loudest hear condeming the group that picked Uhuru are hipocritis working for a certain presidential hopeful who did nothing or worse helped to have Kikuyus killed in 07-08.  Well done leaders who held the meeting.  Uhuru go on go!!! Central Kenya and allies go on and save Kenya from a tyrant.

  • Anonymous

    David Keen, being the white man youare as your name suggests, you do not understant what an African says even if he (African) has put his communication in a very plain language.
    Ready my comment again and again to understand it and probably, I say probaly you will see that I , in my comment, did not talk about UK, but  abou REGIONAL OR TRIBAL LEADERS,CENTAL KENYA LEADERS, NEITHER DID I TALK ABOUT THE GUESTS OF ICC/OCAMPO
    And you say YOU ARE SURE that people will not decide as per my perspective? Did you really understand my perspective?  Really? I wish you would!!!

  • Hetynw

    Cipa1712- so u are confirming that Uhuru came to defend the kiuks  in 07/8 chaos right ?Terrible mess.Ocampo should need your evidence otherwise you ar just a G7 sycophant who cannot help nobody.Killing other  kenyans was and will never be the way to Go or restore peace and those who did will face the music-You r advised many days  not to take law in ur hands man.Kenyans cannot elect Uhuru coz his credibilty failed then and will continue again -look at inflation .Who said that his family is the only one tha can lead Kenya-Let him declare his wealth too not forgetting His tracks of land in Coast province thats the size of Nyanza province.Egocentrism of the highest order.We dont want to waste anymore years after Independence-Open ur eyes kid !

  • It is ufortunate & wrong for a small group of MPs to annoint a person for a region without cosulting the region’s citizens. Declaring Central region of Kenya, what about declaring interests of Murang’a region, Kirinyaga region, Nyandarua region? Kiambu & Nyeri regions have benefited with 100% vote & support from the 3 regions mentioned above, is it not time for the other 3 to also be supported by the 2? Let us unite with logic & not KIINUA MGONGO.

  • Avjotham

    we r onli told of the minister not being injured…..does it mean that there was no kenyan in the other vehicle?

  • EYES

    All talk is about tribes and his central people,if he wants kenya its not only central he is going to rule its the whole country and to say more UHURU KENYATTA is a tribalistic drug addict with a vision not beyond his nose and whosoever follows him is digging a shallow grave for millions of kenyans since he will ruin lives of kenyans plus the economy.UHURU just know those rallies u keep bringing many off those people who come to them hav nothing better to do with their lives they actually smoke weed next to you and who said u will stop them,since u smoke too….

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