Hilarious new TV show touches on Nigerian-American dynamic


First Gen 2

Attention comedy lovers! We found something that might just tickle your fancy.

Or should we say funny bone…

Nigerian, comedienne, actress & writer, Yvonne Orji, stars in a new, hilarious family sitcom called First Gen.

As the protagonist of the show, Yvonne, who plays the role of Joanna, takes us through her journey of self discovery as she abandons her medical career to pursue her real passion: stand up comedy.

Needless to say, her traditional, immigrant parents struggle to identify or understand this path and make no point to hide their slightly overbearing and mostly disapproving stand.

Hilarious? Absolutely!

Whilst the show maintains a light, satirical, humorous tone, one can’t deny the fact that the show touches on various truths.

Watch the trailer below:


Sharon Mundia

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