Edible sunscreen – would you try it?

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Allow me to paint this scenario.

You’re lying on a comfortable, beach bed, basking in the sun with a dreamy view of the ocean and a cold drink in hand. Life is pretty much as good as it gets. You then decide to reach over and slather some sunscreen on – because nothing’s cute about skin cancer – and the next thing you know, you’re beautiful dark skin now looks like a hot purple mess with a layer of white film. And just like that, you’re now a purple pile of limbs basking in the sun.

Sound familiar?

Such is the story of most dark skinned folks looking to just protect their skin. Unfortunately, a lot of sunscreen brands available in Kenya usually don’t look right when applied and the darker you are and higher the SPF, the weirder it looks.

skin supplements

So the question arises, would you ever consider taking edible sunscreen?

Several options of sunscreen supplements have popped up in the past few years (some drinkable versions too) allowing some consumers to opt out of slathering sunscreen. An example of which are lycopene supplements – a pill boasting of lycopene elements which are found in foods like tomatoes and reduce the risk of getting cancer.

But one must note that whereas these supplements do offer added value to your skin protection regimen, they cannot be used in place of actual sunscreen. Another option would be to focus on eating certain foods such as tomatoes, leafy greens and foods rich in Omega 3.

So as it turns out ladies and gentlemen, we might want to consider embracing the purple limbs a little longer in order to protect our skin. But for those looking to prevent their chances of skin cancer even more, consider taking these supplements or, at the very least, adding certain foods to your daily diet.

Happy basking!


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