#HealthyTip : Cinnamon + Honey tea for overall health boost


If there’s tea I swear by, it has got to be the Cinnamon+Honey+Lemon+Ginger tea. It is so delicious! Pure honey has been known for its health powers over the decades. Ginger as well. As for Cinnamon and Lemon, just click here and here to see how beneficial they are for your health. Now, wouldn’t a combination of all these natural ingredients do wonders for your life? That is why I swear by this particular powerful mix of tea.

Cinnamon+Honey+Lemon+Ginger tea:

*Has anti-bacterial properties hence cleans the bladder off all infections.

*Is a perfect remedy for fatigue

*Helps reduce hair loss

*Provides ease for upset stomach

*Aids in digestion

*Minimizes pain caused by Arthritis

*Helps reduce cholesterol in the body and unclogs arteries

*Is a cure for common cold

*Helps with Diabetes

*Helps to boost your immunity system

*Helps get rid of pimples

*Aids with weight loss

*Helps get rid of bad breath

*Cures skin infections

*A good way to manage excessive flatulence


The residue from your tea provides you with a very good facial scrub


How to make your Cinnamon+Honey+Lemon+Ginger Tea

Bring water to boil

Put one teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup

Pour hot water into the cup

Stir and squeeze in your lemon (You can also add grated ginger at this point)

Let cool for 15 minutes

Add 1-2 teaspoons of honey and stir


For best results drink this tea first thing in the morning and 30 minutes before you go to bed.

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