Eating Brazilian nuts could help you get pregnant


Who knew getting a Brazilian could help you get pregnant. No, not a Brazilian Wax, but a Brazil Nut.

Brazil Nuts, an excellent source of vitamins, fiber and minerals; are also perhaps the richest dietary source of selenium, a nutrient that has been known to have properties for boosting one’s fertility.

In a recent study published in Metallomics, researchers from the University of Adelaide found that selenium plays a vital role in women’s fertility.

Using X-ray fluorescent imaging to study how selenium was distributed through the ovaries of female cows, researchers found higher amounts of GPX-1 protein (found in selenium) in healthy follicles bigger than 10 millimeters. Researchers then translated the study to humans and found that levels of GPX-1 were also significantly higher in women who got pregnant that underwent IVF/ICSI.

It’s worth noting that consuming too much of selenium can be toxic. The recommended dietary allowance for women ages 19-60 is 55 mcg and 60 mcg for pregnant women. However, researchers believe a little bit will go a long way and be able to make a difference.

Researchers at the University of Adelaide concluded that selenium and its proteins may play a critical role as an antioxidant during late follicular development and also in ensuring the development of large healthy follicles.


Journal Source:
M. J. Ceko,a K. Hummitzsch,b N. Hatzirodos,b W. M. Bonner,b J. B. Aitken,c D. L. Russell,b M. Lane,bd R. J. Rodgersb and H. H. Harris. X-Ray fluorescence imaging and other analyses identify selenium and GPX1 as important in female reproductive function. Metallomics. 2015,7, 71-82 DOI: 10.1039/C4MT00228H

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