5 Best beverages to help you lose weight

Drink these beverages to lose weight (5)_A4W

3. Rooibos tea – black and unsweetened

Rooibos is wonderful because it’s healthy, virtually calorie-free and caffeine-free too. This makes it a good hot drink for cold evenings as many people struggle to sleep if they ingest caffeine too late in the day.

Drink these beverages to lose weight (4)_A4W

4. Green tea, Ceylon tea and other herbal teas

Again, black and unsweetened, teas are healthy and almost calorie-free.

They all have different health benefits, so drinking a wide variety of them is good for you, and it keeps the taste of the teas fresh. If you find one that really needs to be sweetened, a drop of raw honey is a good option. Be careful to note which ones are caffeine-free and which are not so as to avoid sleepless nights.

Drink these beverages to lose weight (2)_A4W

5. Red wine and whisky

Although alcohol is not a good thing to put into your body for weight loss for numerous reasons, reality dictates that most people are going to have a drink from time-to-time.

The best choices of alcoholic beverage are a glass of red wine (dry) or a whisky. These are lowest in calories and sugar content. Red wine also contains some nutrients. However, using this as a justification for drinking any alcohol is a tad far-fetched, so I won’t get into that here.

The key when drinking alcohol on a diet is not to drink too much. One or two is enough.

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