5 Best beverages to help you lose weight

Drink these beverages to lose weight (3)_A4W

1. Black coffee

Black, unsweetened coffee contains only 8 calories per cup. If consumed in moderation (around 3 cups per day or so) to limit caffeine intake, it is totally harmless and actually quite beneficial in terms of antioxidants.

You may not like the taste at first. Give it a while and you’ll learn to like it. After a year or two you’ll actually dislike milk and sugar in coffee.

Drink these beverages to lose weight (7)_A4W

2. Water

No, it doesn’t taste ‘nice’…it doesn’t really taste at all. That’s not why you need to drink it in the first place.

Water is the best source of hydration for your body because, although all liquids hydrate your body to an extent, water doesn’t have to be processed first. Plus, it’s calorie free.

Don’t get taken in by all of the ‘fancy’ water nonsense like vitamin-enriched water and such things. You should be eating foods that contain the nutrients you need, not wasting money on water with added sugar, flavourants or ‘vitamins’.

Drink a glass when you wake up, and start every meal with a glass of water. Drink one glass before you go to bed. That’s 5 down. So easy.

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