3 Trendy accessories to incorporate into your look


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Sometimes keeping up with fashion trends can be a little overwhelming, not to mention expensive. For the ladies still keen to maintain a chic, vogue appearance, here are a few easy ways to do so using accessories that you probably already own.

Hair Accessories

Latest accessories - hair accessories 3

Latest accessories - hair accessories 1

And no, we’re not talking about scrunchies which, as far as I’m concerned, should be confiscated from every woman in the world. The hair accessories that seem to be flooding the runways and sidewalks include sea inspired-head bands and queen-like tiaras. I’m all for mermaid and/or princess inspired accessories so may these head bands, pins and tiaras rule our tresses!

Statement jewellery

Latest accessories - statement jewellery 3

Latest accessories - statement jewellery 4

The last few seasons have seen the minimalistic jewellery trend take precedence over the layered chunky necklaces and arm candy that previously ruled. Whilst I do appreciate simple, understated yet chic necklaces, some of the outfits we own can use a little extra pizzazz.


Latest accessories - scarf 3 Latest accessories - scarf 4

If I had things my way, I’d have a scarf in every hue, texture and length hanging in my closet. My mother always warned me not to leave the house without anything warm, hence my affinity for scarves. However, one must note that this trend isn’t so much about keeping warm but making a statement. Therefore the lighter or longer the scarf, the better.


Sharon Mundia

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