Our2Cents Ep. 27: Money management tips


Our2Cents Ep27

In this day and age where hashtags such as #hustling and #onthatgrind fill our timelines, there’s no denying that money – be it its creation or management – is something that many have to deal with daily.

Although the ladies don’t assume to experts in the subject matter, money management is something that they do take very seriously.

Watch this week’s episode of Our 2 Cents to learn what Sharon Mundia and Susan Wong do when it comes to managing their money better.


  • Dan

    As the ocampo six are waiting for the evidence release and  diffending the corrupt in Kisii, the PM is busy concerned with solving peoples problems, a true statesman.

    • And whilst ordinary Kenyans are busy contributing to the cause you are busy on the net making populist statements aiming at selling a fast approaching ‘sell by date expiry individual’. He made the same pledges in 2002 and 2007! Get a life 

      • denno

        While ‘sell by date expiry individual’ is busy solving kenyan’s problems, his equal partner is busy sleeping in statehouse. 10yrs in power with nothing to show for except for grand corruption, power rationing and high level tribalism in the public sector.

        • Is your demi-god any better? Hasnt he also been in gava for the longest time? Your demi-god is the biggest tribalist ever known ama you are employed in his office? oh no paybe you are the one of gas cylinders. A case of the nyungu calling sufuria black

          • grow up…small minded tribalist!

          • KC

              Mike Okwogo i hope you’ve been paying your HSE rent. Grown ups pay bills.

          • jobless perhaps? lurking on the net as we the productive tribes work to build wealth which you envy and cry – kabila fulani imependelewa. Go look for a job at your demi-god’s home now there is a vacancy for a cook!

          • denno

            hahaha! I thought mungiki was wiped out long ago? How come you survived?

          • Go look for a job at your demi-god’s home, there is a vacancy for a cook. Ask for a heater at your quarters!

      • you need a life of your own too…..cheap opportunistic tribal irritant!

        • jp

           Mike Okwogo i hope you’ve been paying your HSE rent. Grown ups pay bills.

        • It is quite obvious who is the tribalist here..go abudu your demi god whom we shall overwhelmingly reject at teh next election. At least this time he will not have Kibs to blame

    • J. Odinga

      Dan you think by trying to to praise RAO pple will vote for him. That’s where you guys go wrong u cant force pple to eat stale food (RAO) ……….

  • Long over due… It is a shame that the project costs less than a Billion ONLY yet Kenyans have been dying since time immemorial due to hunger. It’s a good thing that such cases might be a thing of the past in the near future.

  • Owende

    Where as these look like positive maneuvers to solve the recurrent and perennial  food crisis that has hit Kenya over and over again, I am of the opinion that a strong food policy be developed titled ” No Kenyan will ever go  hungry again”. It is so depressing to see Kenyans going hungry nearly 50 years after independence yet the country is endowed with large masses of water. Egypt for example is not in same position as Kenya, yet they feed their 80 million population without a haste. What can we say is very wrong with us Kenyans then??

  • Karisdom

    These are just but populist statements.If this was implelemented long ago, the dying kenyans could not be suffering today.It is better to communacate to people when everything has been prepared and ready for implementation..Making statements like this one, and then when campaining , you start telling the people how money was never provided is being irresponsible.If the PM was really concerned he should have made sure this programe was implemented since he ODM heads agricultural ministry

  • Pete

    That money would have been better utilized constructing an all weather road and adding more airstrips in order to improve distribution from the rest of the country. The Turkana are not farmers and the irrigation scheme will get nowhere, just as a Swedish fishing plan failed. Why not ask the local leaders what needs to be done?  Can’t wait for the county government to come!

    • Dream on..county governments will be just a devolution of corruption. More relatives to eat CDF

      • …you negative energy! just look at your name! it originates from the hell of corruption in Africa!

        • And yours from uncircumcised filth from a fishy lake..

    • Marvoh

      Pete, you should have watched Citizen yesterday, you will take back the notion that the Turkana are not farmers. The Koputiro Irrigation Scheme is a success story that is funded by some NGOs and Church and people can feed themselves. I wont lie i was in shock, that place look like a place in Kitale

      • Pete

        Marvoh, that’s exactly my worry. As soon as the NGO and the church leave, the irrigation scheme will be abandoned. A locally initiated solution, on the other hand, has a higher chance of survival.

    • jp


  • Jurafred Kenya

    it’s not too late to do this. am certain this is the real  solution. lets make sure there will be no repeat of such a calamity in future. Cheers.

  • Anonymous

    Those who are commenting negativelly on RAO should know one thing,and ONLY ONE THING about RAO.

    RAO is the only leader, and the first leader in the history of the universe to win a presidential election, just to give it back to the incubent for the sake of the Nation and its people.

    Move on RAO with your chest high.  

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