#HealthyTip : How to make Rosemary Tea for memory boost



Have you gotten to that stage in life where you have to write reminders to remind you about your reminders? It’s an awful stage! You forget very fast! You receive a text, read it with the intention of responding, reach in your purse for something and by the time you retrieve “that something” from your purse you have already forgotten about your intentions of responding to the text. You know there’s something you were supposed to do pre-reaching into your purse but you cannot recall what it was to save your life. Tragic!

Well, have you heard of rosemary the spice? Rosmarinus officinalis if you like, which is very commonly used as a flavoring agent in cooking and has medicinal values as well. For one, to save your failing memory you could try some rosemary tea as it will promote cognitive function.

Rosemary works by supporting circulation to the brain and when used over a long period of time, may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Rosemary contains an antioxidant compound known as carnosic acid which works best by protecting neurons from free radical damage. Therefore, small doses of rosemary intake may enhance your memory speed.

How to make rosemary tea

1. Pluck the leaves off the branch of the organic rosemary and put them into a teapot.

2. Boil some water and then pour it into the teapot.

3. Add some honey into the teapot.

4. Allow to sit for 15 minutes.

Besides  boosting your memory, rosemary tea can be used to calm indigestion and digestive distress, gall bladder disorders and gas.

Rosemary tea when used to wash hair can support scalp health and hair growth as it contains the essential oils that stimulate hair growth and strength. It can also be a good natural dandruff solution when mixed with borax.

It also acts as an antioxidant which helps to protect your body from heart disease and cancer.




However, it is advisable to use rosemary in very small doses as large doses of it can bring about complications such as fluid in the lungs, vomiting, seizures or even put you in a coma.

Do NOT  drink rosemary tea if you’re PREGNANT!







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