17 Text messages every woman wishes her man would send to her

Women are known to have more love to give.  They also have the ability to receive love and reciprocate to love. Because women are the more emotional sex,very small gestures can warm their hearts…like cute random texts. Dayan Masinde  lets us know exactly the kind of texts that will warm a woman’s heart with immediate effect.


1. “I love you”

She can never get enough of him saying these words to her.

2. “You are beautiful”

She knows she is beautiful, it feels good coming from him.

3. “What are you doing today?”

She smiles when he asks if she is available for them to meet.

4. “Mum says hi”

It makes her happy when his mum loves her and asks about her in a caring way.

5. “Happy Anniversary”

Even though he is planning a surprise gift for her, reading that from him makes the day extra special.

6. “I am sorry”

When he hurts her she finds it hard to stay mad at him; but she will sulk waiting for him to apologize so that they can go back to loving.

7. “You look sexy, I love how you’re dressed today”

She puts effort to look good, a text just to tell her she is hot brightens up her day.


8. “Thank you”

Many times when our lover does good we forget to say thank you because doing good is expected from a lover. Him thanking her and she thanking him encourages them both to keep loving good, feeling appreciated.

9. “How are you?”

It means a lot when he cares about how she is.

10. “I am horny”

The man will often get aroused. It is special when she is the go to person when he is in the mood.

11. “Please pray”

It makes her feel empowered when he requests her to pray for him or for an issue.

12. “I miss you”

Three words that can make a woman feel valued and needed.

13. “I love your smile”

She reads this and smiles even more.


14. “I am thinking about you”

She is thinking about him too.

15. “Good morning”

How sweet it is for her to wake up to a text from him.

16. “Goodnight”

It tells her she is special to close the day with.

17. “Things will be OK”

Sometimes that’s all she wants him to tell her. She needs him to remind her how strong she is and that the trials being faced will not last.


This is why some women glow and smile to themselves as they look at their phones, because the man is loving her with words sent to her phone.

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