11 Hilarious reasons men may give when they want a break-up!


There are certain “special” occasions that would make a man want to run away from his girlfriend or wife because of the expectations from his beautiful lass. Such occasions would be Valentine’s day, her birthday and anniversary when he senses his girl might want to go overboard with her expectations at  his expense. At such times, some men are known to come up with various excuses to avoid these expensive occasions that always make them feel like doing drastic things to get the funds including thoughts of robbing a bank or two. Some excuses would  include going into hiding and switching off his phone,  finding very dumb reasons to break up with his significant other and then getting back together with her after the above mentioned special occasions are long gone.

We came across this post doing rounds on the social media streets about men coming up with very dumb reasons to break up with their wives/girlfriends that we felt were worth sharing.



1.”16 missed calls?! You killed my battery, so you’re capable of killing me… It’s over!!!”

2.”How come mosquito is biting me and not biting you? I smell conspiracy. IT’S OVER!”

3.”You don’t even respect me, I’m talking and you are busy breathing? It’s over!”

4. “So now you’re drinking coke that has another man’s name on it, better go and find him because it’s over between us.”

5. “So Beyonce’s “Drunk in love” is your caller tune? I can’t trust alcoholics with my future kids. It’s over!”

6. “They are shouting bird flu and you are still cooking chicken. You want to kill me? It is over!”

7. “I called you and you picked up immediately. You lack patience. I can’t date someone who’s not patient.”

8. “You keep calling me honey, which means you’re calling my mother a bee? How dare you? It’s over!”

9. “You are always abbreviating your texts, you want our children to be short? It’s OVER!”

10. “I told you I love my food hot but you refused to warm the ice cream. You don’t care about me. It’s over!”

11. “You don’t pay your tithe, if you can cheat on God, then who am I? Park your things, we’re done!”


Have any other silly break-up reasons? Share with us…


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  1. Avatar Kimpet17 August 1st, 2011 at 11:29 am

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  2. Avatar if-i-had-no-loot August 1st, 2011 at 1:18 pm

    @Kimpet17 How do you know that Ocampo did not conduct any investigations? Who hired the mercenaries, when and for how much? Were they hired to implicate only Uhuru & Ruto or all the Ocampo6? Violence in Mombasa,Kisumu,Bungoma and Nairobi may have been planned or not but remember to charge anyone there are conditions which must be met by ICC prosecutor so dont expect every Tom, Dick & Harry to end up in ICC court

  3. Avatar Paul Kwanusu August 1st, 2011 at 3:02 pm

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