Vivienne Westwood designs lavish hotel penthouse

Westwood suite 3

Vivienne Westwood has designed a penthouse suite at a Los Angeles hotel which can be rented for Sh2.3 million (£17,000) a night.

The fashion designer has created the room for The London West Hollywood and the 11,000 square foot suite is said to be the largest in LA and features the British designer’s cushions, tapestries and scarves.

The new project comes after Westwood designed the new uniforms for Virgin Atlantic air stewardesses last year.

Speaking about the suite, Andreas Kronthaler – Vivienne Westwood’s husband and co-designer – said: “We were initially approached by The London West Hollywood to add inspiration to the penthouse with our prints and graphics.”

The suite has broken the record books as the largest suite in LA. It includes an exclusive hour to shop at Westwood’s store, can hold 300 people for private functions and is part of the hotel’s £17 million renovation project.

Kronthaler added: “We have specially curated rugs, wall-hangings and soft furnishings to bring a subtle element of our brand to the luxury apartment. It’s really exciting to see our designs translated into an interior space.”

The West Hollywood suite will open next month.

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