#LuxuryLiving: Where do the World’s wealthiest live?

The latest results from Global Cities Survey by Knight Frank, which monitors the cities that matter to the world’s wealthiest, unveils the top 40 global cities. For 2015, Africa’s Johannesburg and Cape Town finished 28th and 36th, whilst Addis Ababa received an honourable mention, dubbed a “location with a bright future.”

The rankings of the top 10 global cities also saw some subtle shifts with changing fortunes observed in the past 12 months resulting in Hong Kong and Singapore continuing to lead in Asia. This year sees Hong Kong edging ahead, moving from fourth to third position in the global top 10.

With Shanghai maintaining its steady rise, Asia holds four of the top 10 slots in the Global Cities Survey 2015 list. Although Geneva loses ground this year, Zurich’s strengthening helps maintain European representation.

Focusing purely on the population of wealthy residents, Knight Frank’s data confirms that London remains the single biggest centre for the wealthiest in the world, followed by New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Here is the complete Top 40 list:

wealthiest cities

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