#HonestJoe : What Nairobi men look for in a woman!


There are all sorts of women in the world. Some short, some tall and some in between. Some smart, some airheads and some with average smarts. Some with bodies to put an hourglass to shame, some thick, some skinny and shapely and some who are just skin and bones. Among other attributes.  It also happens that different men have different tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing their potential partner. Therefore,  isn’t it only right that one should pick a partner whose attributes tickle his fancy? Whether you like your girl  with legs that go on for days, or a face so pretty that it should appear on every billboard in town. Whether you are  a boob guy, a booty guy, a sapiosexual or the guy who finds life in the three letter word SEX…you have the right to choose the kind of woman you like. But isn’t it almost unfair that you cannot build your ideal woman?

BUT, what if the chance to build the woman of your dreams landed on your laps and someone gave you some money to build your ideal woman?Well, I was so curious to know how men would answer this same question. I came across this “Menu” that offered a cool $5 (ha!) to help men build their ideal woman. I sent the menu to some men and offered them the coolest opportunity ever that would help them build their ideal woman. The only advice I gave them was to spend the $5 wisely and I got some interesting responses.  Keen to see the responses I got? Keep reading…




Five bucks can’t be done…

Good cook, loyal, and intelligent. Alternatively, I will take amazing sex and intelligent.


5, 6 and 7!

I would never compromise on intelligence even if it was going for $4.

If she is intelligent, she can learn how to cook, get a gorgeous body, learn how to hit the sack, give head, etc.

Pretty to me rather sounds stupid. I prefer beautiful.

I can never buy or acquire loyalty, and without it we can never be a team! I need a best friend, confidant, guide, who would die for our team.

Sense of style, classy, almost similar to mine. If she has a sense of style chances are very high she’s classy.

“No kids” to be honest was the tough one here. I’d want us to start a family from ground zero, but hey, if I truly love her, I will take her as she is and whoever she comes with. Plus her having a kid might be because of so many things and not because she’s loose or anything. Hubby may have passed. She may be divorced.



I need to talk to someone with brains and has that good body that I love to spend time playing with!


1,3 and 7

I like a pretty girl, I cook so I don’t need ‘2’. I LOOOOVE a gorgeous body. Makes the sex great anyway so I don’t need ‘8’. And yeah, a smart chic is a plus.


Pretty – I think this one has to be default settings lol

Sense of style- asiniaibishe in public

Mind blowing head – can this one count for triple the amount? I’m a head guy…

In case they added some dollars I would add

No kids – Don’t really wanna raise someone else’s seed

Loyal – my ride or die


2.5.7. (Good cook, Loyal, Intelligent) I would go with that anytime.


Loyal, Good Cook and Intelligent…

Self explanatory really… She has to be my rock…


Intelligent and gorgeous body


Am supposed to spend 5 usd only?

Intelligent 2usd because of future decisions together also general conversations, but not over intelligent (geek)

1usd good cook

Goes without saying

Remaining 2 usd, hhmmmm

I think Loyal


PS: The names used are not the participant’s real names

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