#HonestJane :What Nairobi women want in a man!


It used to be all about the TDHS and indeed absolutely everything was about the Tall, Dark and Handsome Stranger.  But poor him because times changed and the TDH was forced to take the back seat and Mr. SFF i.e Smart, Faithful and Funny became all the rage! Well, that is according to some responses I got from my Honest Janes .

So this is what happened, I gave a couple of Honest Janes $5 (I know, I’m that generous 😉 ) which gave them powers to be able to buy/build their ideal man. I also gave them a “Men’s qualities Price list” and asked them to spend their $5 wisely. Well, lucky them because at least they could spend all the $5 in one place!  Check out the bills I got below:


PS: The names of participant’s have been changed


Funny $1 – not only just being a funny man, it’s important if the person can find humour even in the hardest and toughest of situations

Faithful $3 – this might be a big spend at $3, but if your partner is not faithful, then what kind of relationship are you in? this is the one quality that one should splurge since loyalty and having honour and values that are priceless

Smart $1 – whether it’s IQ or EQ, having smarts is not only sexy but also a necessity when it comes to finding a partner. Dumbing down is just not possible

Funny is a must! That I can even pay extra!


Good looking – 2. Depends on one’s views on a good looking man. To me good looking is a man with masculine features. Light skin no no. Chocolate does it. A man who is not so self conscious about his looks. Like booking for a mani hhhmmm no no for me.

Funny -3. Am not a really funny person so my other half should be able to humor me.

Great in bed -3. From experience, what tickles your fancy may not work for me. Sex should be treated like a learning experience always because with each person it’s always diff. So long as one is willing to go along with what pleases you then that ‘great in bed’ is enough for me.


Craaaappppp these options though


2-Because I love to laugh

3-Because I love intelligent conversations, I need someone who can input on my ideas and smart guys have the potential to create opportunities that will make them wealthy.

5 -It’s only fair that if I am faithful he should wholeheartedly reciprocate


This is sooo hard!!

Here goes

Great in bed- I need to just see him to be turned on because I know his skills

Good looking- I would like pretty babies.. I’m pretty so why not him?

Smart – I like a man who challenges my mind and makes me laugh.. Laughter is the best medicine


No kids



If he has kids then his past life will always find its way to mess up what we have. She’s in his life forever because of the kids.

If he’s smart then managing his wealth won’t be a problem. He won’t be moved by wealth to be unfaithful because he’s smart, he knows better.


Faithful : A rare quality to find of late ;). but i don’t compromise on this. i don’t want him to give me some disease or make me spend my life doubting him. I look for someone who will commit and has my back at all times. the rest falls into place

smart : he needs to always be thinking of ways to better ourselves and a fool has no place in my life.

Funny : Life is too serious anyway and you need someone to laugh and grow old with


Smart and Tall and Faithful

A smart man can make his own wealth later on

Faithful coz loyalty can’t be bargained

Tall coz o really don’t like short men

The rest are not a priority they fade.. Even his libido



3 and 2 are important to have

Now I debated between 5 and 6 because how do u define wealthy? But then again I was like wait…all these others can be taught, earned or acquired so i stuck to 5 coz its about character

You can’t change a man’s character or a man

He can get into good shape any time, get wealthy, teach him to become romantic according to what you like but you can never teach him faithfulness or smart or to be funny

He can get street smart but you can’t teach someone who has no vision or plan to begin having one

I may not be wealthy but we are surviving together, his good body and looks will fade with time, he will treat you according to how you treat him so romance can be done/taught, great in bed…you can teach and discover together

Look for what’s not fleeting…my two cents


2,3 and 5. Because I love to laugh. Life without humour is just flat. Smart – intelligence is just to sexy plus we’ll always have something to argue about. Faithful because I’m selfish. Very selfish.


2.Funny- am a happy person so humor to cast away the blues.

3.Smart- a bright man can find ways of making wealth and be in a position to do great things and achieve great things.

5. Faithful – peace of mind, loyalty, trust.all add up to having a great relationship.

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