10 EASY nutrition tips to help you lose weight fast

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(By ATW Nutrion Coaching) We all want to lose weight the easiest way possible right? Well here are 10 quick and easy things you can implement into your life RIGHT NOW that will help you shed some kilos and get healthy too.

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1. You should eat this one food group more than any other

Vegetables. Eat more vegetables. 70% of each meal you eat should consist of vegetables. You should be getting AT LEAST 5 servings per day. Doing this will fill you up with nutrients and fibre without lots of unnecessary calories.

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2. Make your diet colourful

Real food is colourful for a reason. Each colour indicates a specific group of nutrients in which that food is rich. So in order to get a good balance of all the nutrients you need, make sure you eat a variety of colourful natural foods – we’re talking vegetables and fruit here, not Smarties or Astros.

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3. Have dessert every day

Fruit is nature’s dessert. It’s a group of natural foods that are sweet and packed with vitamins and minerals, plus all-important fibre. Three to four servings per day will take care of your sweet tooth, AND give you some energy to tackle your daily routine with gusto.


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