The Simple 4-day Detox Plan



Detoxifying is the process of elimination or removal of toxins in the body. This process is important to the body especially when we are experiencing loss of energy, lethargy, fatigue or lack of sleep. Detoxification of the body enables us not only to eliminate the toxins in our body but also gives us renewed energy and better immunity to disease.

 These are some forms of detox mainly:

 Diet detox-this involves a change in eating habits in an attempt to rid the body of toxins and other contaminants.

 Foot detox-enhances ones ability to rid the body of toxins from the feet.

• Master cleanse-is a combination of many detox methods or detoxifying agents

• Colon cleansing– use of herbs and enemas to remove toxins

To be successful in your detox plan

• Take in plenty of water.

•  If and when withdrawal symptoms may be felt,(Headaches, dizziness etc)and you term it severe stop detox  immediately

• Avoid exercise rather pamper yourself with a massage or facial.

• Only positive thoughts should rule your world.

• Don’t cheat on your detox!

Here is a simple detox plan to follow:

Day 1

Introduction day

Hot lemon water

Eat just one type of fruit or vegetable for the entire day. (Listed under best detoxify foods) .Or its juice form.

Day 2


Hot lemon water

Apple and strawberry juice

Slice of paw paw and a passion fruit

10 o’clock

Watermelon and mint juice


Anchor veggie salad

4 o’clock

Beetroot, carrot and spinach juice


Turkish salad

Day 3


Hot lemon water

Orange and ginger juice

One mango

10 o’clock

Pineapple ginger and mint juice


Chicken salad

4 o’clock

Ginger tea


Mixed bean salad

Day 4

Easing out

Hot lemon water

Four fruit combo


Tomato and avocado salad


Stir fried veggies.


Best Detox foods

Apple ,beetroot ,broccoli, cabbage ,carrots,celery,chickpeas,cucumber,lemons,melons,oranges,paw paw ,pineapples, strawberries ,tomatoes


  • Peter Njoroge

    8 glasses of water a day also works perfectly

  • Kagai Macharia

    I am used with one glass of Aloe Vera juice. I will surely try this method

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