Detoxifying your skin is essential


The skin is the body’s largest organ of elimination, that’s why looking after it is not just about having a gorgeous complexion. The skin easily absorbs toxins directly from the environment. Its pores, which release the toxins in sweat, can easily become clogged by pollutant particles, sebaceous glands oils and cosmetics. That’s why a skin detox is essential to make your skin glow again.

There are many ways to help your skin eliminate the toxins: hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, skin exfoliating, steam and sauna, contrast showers, different SPA procedures, home-made masks, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water.

Body Exfoliation– A regular full body and face exfoliation is essential in order to remove the dead skin cells and also plumps up both your blood circulation and lymph. The gentle massage during a full-body exfoliation has also a beneficial effect on areas of cellulite. Exfoliate the whole body every third or fourth day and your skin will be firm, smooth and free of the toxins. Do it in the morning as the acceleration of blood flow has quite an invigorating effect. Start at your feet and work upwards, brushing the legs, then buttocks, then on to the chest and stomach and finally the face. When exfoliating your body you stimulate blood and lymph flow, help eliminate toxins from your skin, encourage skin cells to regenerate and help combat cellulite.


Sauna– Sauna is a good way to cleanse your skin from the toxins, because sweat is the most important elimination route of toxins. It is a powerful method of eliminating the toxins and dirt that are stored in fat cells. During a sauna, blood flow to the skin increases to 55% of cardiac output. This flow brings important nutrients to the surface tissue, promoting cellular activity and growth. Your sweat cleans out the pores and cleans the skin from the toxins and the impurities clogged in it.

The benefits of the sauna are:

• The heart rate increased by 50 %

• Blood vessels become flexible

• Provide a comprehensive cleansing of the skin

• Stimulates your immune system

• Loosen fatty tissues

• Combat cellulite

• Provide a clear and healthy skin

Contrast Shower- In the shower, alternate hot and cold jets of water to boost your circulation and liven up your skin. By doing so, you promote detoxification and strengthen your immune system.body_detox_144814203.jpg

• Most of the skin creams contain mineral oils, which suffocate the skin, trapping toxins under the surface and resulting in dullness spots, pimples and even acne formation. Avoid using heavy creams containing mineral oils; instead opt for those containing natural plant oils. These products will allow your skin to breath easily.

• Don’t use any makeup products for at least 3 days, allow your skin to breath

• Don’t use heavy makeup products or even heavy foundations, powders, creams

• It’s essential to eat many fruits and vegetables every day

• Drink at least 1/5 litre water a day, the water is essential for healthy and glowing skin

• Don’t smoke or drink alcohol and limit the consumption of coffee.






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