#HairTip: Handling your child’s afro-textured hair

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If you’re a black woman with afro-textured hair and you’re reading this, then chances are you recall those painful salon visits where your hair would often be tugged and pulled in different directions with no mercy. Oh those painful memories!

Growing up, it was difficult to find products or information that specially catered to address afro, kinky or curly hair – proving difficult for mothers to always know how to handle their child’s tresses.

Here are some tips that all you mothers with children can take on especially if you’re looking for easy maintenance and hair care.

Understanding afro-textured hair

  • Because it tends to tangle easily, it can be quite unmanageable and requires patience and soft maintenance.
  • Conditioning and moisture-infused treatments are incredibly important as afro hair gets dry and brittle easily.
  • It will eventually be affected by high amounts of heat and chemicals.
  • Afro hair will require specialised products and attention as it is quite delicate.


Finding the right products

  • Natural oils are great especially 100% coconut oil, jojoba oil or castor oil. Natural oils are a great way to moisturise your scalp (and follow up with a quick massage to stimulate blood flow) and keep your ends moisturised.
  • Keep a lookout for products that boast a good number of natural oils such as Miadi Kids. Their range which consists of detangling spray, heat protectant, detangling shampoo and detangling conditioner.

Read and Research

  • Try and understand your child’s hair needs and what works well with her texture. This includes picking the right hairdresser to handle your child’s mane with care and the right attention.
  • Be patient with yourself and with your child. Take your time to learn what’s practical given her schedule and try and communicate any important tips with your young one. Chances are your baby girl will try and learn these tricks to because she wants to have lovely hair!
  • Be consistent with maintain your child’s healthy hair journey. Most people wonder why it doesn’t get easier after the first week or month but true progress only shows months in and that’s when the fruits of your labour will really start to show.
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