Avoid eating snacks before a main meal


(By Shenrina Badri) If you can avoid eating snacks before a main meal, you can save yourself from taking in hundreds of extra calories.

Eating snacks before a meal is often a common way in which people gain weight unknowingly. For example, you may be running late and thus are preparing dinner later than you usually do. You are hungry, and, whilst in the process of cooking, what do you do? Reach out for snacks!

Throw out refined foods

Potato chips, oily and sweet snacks are a very common choice for many people. These foods are refined and high in calories – an easy way to help you gain weight. Throw out junk foods from your kitchen cupboards so that you won’t be tempted to snack on them.

Plan ahead

Try planning meals ahead of time as this will prevent you from snacking unnecessarily before having your main meal. You could also pre-cook your meals and freeze them, to make it easier for you on the days that you may be late.

Avoid high-calorie drinks

Remember to avoid drinking many high calorie drinks before your main meal as this can add to weight gain. Opt for some water instead.

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