What does your nail shape say about you?

When it comes to fashion and beauty, you cannot escape personality analysis. If your fashion style is all about girly skirts and dresses and the color pink then you have a girlie personality. If you prefer to part your hair right in the middle then you have a bold personality. If a bold, red lip is your signature then you have a sexy personality and so forth. That said, there’s no escaping an analysis based on the shape of your nails.



Young, Unique, Creative

This shape looks good on most. Oval gives off a classy base to polish of your favorite shades.


Assertive, Ambitious

You never follow the crowd, you lead the pack. This look goes perfect with every nail polish color just like your favorite black stilettos.


A leader, Strong, Bold, A diva

This is the strongest of all nail shapes. Square demands attention. It also balances out really long, graceful fingers.


Feminine, Caring, Romantic

Round gives the illusion of proportion and poise just the way a woman should be.


Daring, Sexy, Loves a Challenge

This shape helps elongate your fingers and makes you look like a fierce daredevil. It also makes you look like you are the trendiest of them all.



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