#TrendAlert: 4 chic ways to pull of the 70s comeback

70s Fashion Cover

We’ve seen enough fringe, suede and flared details on the catwalk to know that the 70s has arrived and will soon be in a closet near you!

Here’s how to incorporate this boho chic flair into your style without being overwhelmed by it all.

70s Fashion - Fringe Cover 70s Fashion - Fringe Capital

Finding pieces with fringe details is the perfect way to incorporate this trend. For a bold statement, try a skirt with fringes that create a dramatic yet romantic movement with each step!

70s Fashion - Flared Pants Cover

70s Fashion - Flared Pants Capital

This is a great way to incorporate the 70s trend into the office – even if you work in a strictly professional environment! Find a pair of black, high waisted pants with a flared bottom and pair it with a crisp, white button-up shirt.

70s Fashion - Accessories Cover 70s Fashion - Accessories Capital

If you’re not too sure to how to incorporate this trend, start with accessories. A cross body bag, statement sunglasses or a wide brimmed hat is the perfect way to ease into this 70s boho chic movement.

70s Fashion - Suede Cover 70s Fashion - Suede Capital

It may not be the easiest to maintain (especially on rainy days) but it’s bound to bring in some drama to your outfit. If you want to make a bold statement, opt for suede in bright colours!

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