5 Fast kitchen updates



(By Monique Warner) Add charm and colour to your kitchen in minutes! Here are five fast ways to draw attention away from features in the kitchen that you don’t like and transform it into an inspiring space.

  1. Use a colourful, slip-proof mat to liven up a dull kitchen floor.
  2. Place a bowl of fresh lemons or apples on a kitchen counter top to draw attention away from a less than desirable surface.
  3. On an open shelf, a pretty cake stand and colourful jars of sweets could sweeten your space.
  4. Place a few potted herbs on the kitchen windowsill for an attractive and practical update. As a bonus, this could also help disguise an unfortunate view.
  5. Update a kitchen’s “soft furnishings” by adding pretty new patterned dish towels and oven gloves.


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  • Pete

    Mmm… and what would they be charged with? Come on Kenya police, it’s a new day! State House is a public property and the citizens have a right to petition their president. All they needed to do was guide them into an appropriate place that did not compromise the security of the president, but not arrests. Shame on you Kenya police, hope the demonstrators sue you!

    • You took the words out of my keyboard! I say let them reach State House and deliver their petition to prezzy’s kanda ya moko’s. The only problem Peter is that as Kam says below, these busy bodies get a cheque from some donor based on how many protests they hold. They will create a crisis even when there is none.
      A friend at UN offices Gigiri once told me that they earn a hardship allowance based on the negative perception of the country. The more negative it remains the higher the pay cheque – go figure. I would love to be paid to party in exclusive clubs and elite hotels..hardship my foot! Send them to Juba wajue harship

  • Kam

    I think civil society should not unjustly try to earn continued donor support by engaging in worthless matches and demos. what has happened to kimunya,wetangula or even Ruto now that they stepped aside? and to Lumunba just concentrate on your TORs stop Activism

  • People should call the resignation of PLO for not acting a thing since he was assigned the job but what he do best is talking, preaching and politicising the fight against coruption. There is no way he can achieve it by mobilising protester along the streets rather than lining up witnesses around the block in court. We need to use judicial and not mob justice as this will cause mayhen and chaos while taking us back to stone age.

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