5 Fast kitchen updates


(By Monique Warner) Add charm and colour to your kitchen in minutes! Here are five fast ways to draw attention away from features in the kitchen that you don’t like and transform it into an inspiring space.

  1. Use a colourful, slip-proof mat to liven up a dull kitchen floor.
  2. Place a bowl of fresh lemons or apples on a kitchen counter top to draw attention away from a less than desirable surface.
  3. On an open shelf, a pretty cake stand and colourful jars of sweets could sweeten your space.
  4. Place a few potted herbs on the kitchen windowsill for an attractive and practical update. As a bonus, this could also help disguise an unfortunate view.
  5. Update a kitchen’s “soft furnishings” by adding pretty new patterned dish towels and oven gloves.
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