#Video: New Durex Connect app helps couples’ sex life

Durex - Connect 2

Durexlabs introduces technological breakthrough that will potentially enable couples to re-connect

Following the release of a compelling research by Durham University about the detrimental impact of technology in couples’ relationships the world’s leading sexual wellbeing brand, Durex, has launched an app that offers a simple solution: it synchronises phones to sleep together, so couples can too.

The ‘Durex Connect’ app is currently available for free on Google Play Store and is compatible with Android smart phones, and will be out soon on iOS. The app provides a user-friendly way to synchronise your phone with your partner’s, so that neither can renege on the promise of dedicated, tech-free connection.  At agreed times, or by spontaneous agreement, it will simply mask your phones’ home screen, effectively putting the handsets to sleep and removing all distractions.

Durex - Connect

The app comes in the backdrop of the Durham University research, which revealed that up to 40% of people globally, delay having sex because of technology, largely smart phones and tablets. The research results were supported by an online video, featuring couples on their emotional journey, and highlighting the serious issue that we are becoming enslaved to technology. Disturbingly, a third of the couples visiting the website admitted to interrupting sex in order to answer their phone.

The app comes as a final chapter to the ‘Durex Connect’ campaign, just in time for Earth Hour celebrated globally every year on the last Saturday of March.

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