Can water make you gain calories?


(By Shenrina Badri) We’ve all heard that water is the best drink to consume when trying to lose some weight. Has this changed?


Ordinarily water is great for your body and especially for weight loss as it helps keep you hydrated, energized and supports metabolism.

But can water make you gain weight?

Flavoured water can be high in calories since it has flavourants and possibly other additives added to it. Often, people are unaware of the number of calories flavoured water may contain.

Read food labels

When shopping around next time, take a few minutes to read and compare the food labels on the various varieties of flavoured water so that you are aware of which ones contain the lowest number of calories.

If you can, try to avoid consuming flavoured water regularly as even small numbers of calories from different foods add up, thus increasing your daily calorie count.


Flavour your water yourself

When at home or even at the office, add flavour to water by placing slices of lemon or cucumber in it and chilling. A sprig of mint also adds a scent of freshness to iced water.

Enjoy the plain taste of water or flavour it yourself so you don’t have to worry about gaining weight from the already flavoured alternatives!

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