6 ways to keep your tatas healthy


Did you know that you can keep breast cancer at bay if you followed these 6 simple rules?

#1 Maintain a healthy weight

Heavier women have an increased risk of developing breast cancer than slimmer women. To add to that, being too heavy can make things a little complicated and surviving cancer may get tougher.

#2 Exercise

45minutes to 1 hour, five days a week worth of working out is ideal if you want to keep cancer away from you. Working out helps boost your immunity hence helping in the prevention of the disease. When you work out you also get fit and lower your chances of becoming heavy and lowering your levels of insulin and estrogen.

#3 Feast on those vegetables

Eating fresh fruit and vegetables can do wonders for your health since they are not only healthy but very low in fat which helps reduce cancer risk. It doesn’t end there…cruciferous vegetables contain minerals which are known to help prevent cancer cells from multiplying in your body.

#4 Find out your family history

It is important to find out if your first-degree family has any history of breast cancer as about 15% breast cancer cases are said to have happened as a result of family history. If there has been more than one case of breast cancer, then you are 5 times more likely to get breast cancer.

#5 Have your tatas checked by a doctor

It is important for women above  the age of 40 to have their breasts checked every 3 years but if you have breast cancer history you should start those mammograms from as early as 25 or 10 years from the age your family member got diagnosed.

#6 Consume less alcohol

Research has shown that enjoying two drinks a day every day may increase breast cancer risk by 21% so it would be best to drink as little as possible and that is if you must drink.

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